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Pillar Drill Modding (Part2)

With the drill up and running now (see my last post), I have been making some hold down clamps.     It cuts wonderfully through steel, on a nice slow consistent speed. In the photo below I am using the hold down (drilled and tapped with the new drill press) to secure a van part that required a new hole and thread.

As you an see this was taken before I touched up the paint.Hold down clamp

Yummm. Here it is in use making some whipped cream ;) Pillar Drill

So yeah, it is working very well.  Only thing that I might improve now perhaps, is the adjustment of the drill’s table. To raise it up is quite an operation, as it lacks any rack and pinion system.  I love the way you can quickly swing the table round out of the way, but some kind of raising system would be useful.  Haven’t seen any mods on the net, anyone got any suggestions? Some sort of simple jacking system between the bottom and top table maybe…

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