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First Test: Scroll Saw from old Sewing Machine hack

All excitement here, as we undertake first testing with the ‘sewing machine to scroll saw’ contraption.  In the next few days we should hopefully be putting together a ‘step-by-step’ for you guys, but for now have a look at our very first tests.

Tree saw

Obviously the very first wood to be shaped had to come, almost of its own accord, into a amateur-schoolboy style Christmas tree shape. Before the wood there were of course some test’s on cardboard, which revealed the blatant need for the hold down (was the presser foot).

scrollsaw prototype test

Other things testing suggested: my foot control is very poor (that or I need to have a look at the foot pedal for some loose connections or something).  Spent a long time trying to grind a small bit of the work piece table to accommodate the saw blade, and snapped a section in the process (Doh!)  I don’t know what it is but it is many times harder than your Jo-average bit of steel! Mental note: hitting the hole punch harder and harder is not the best idea unless well supported from underneath.

scroll saw blade

Despite the break, the panel remains quite usable for the time being.

Test scrolling through a small piece of scrap teak.

Test scrolling through a small piece of scrap teak.

Responses to First Test: Scroll Saw from old Sewing Machine hack

  1. Arno

    You have the saw blade attached the wrong way. It should have the teeth pointing downwards. Or is it because the motion is coming from the upper part of the sewing machine?
    Nice site though.

  2. bongodrummer

    Hay Arno,
    Yeah, the teeth are that way so they cut on the way up, so that the blade is being pulled. I know it causes some problems – will discuss this on the project pages when I get round to making a step-by-step.
    Cheers for now,

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