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Door hardware

Some of the door hardware arrived yesterday, which was exciting, particularly as we spent a long time researching and deliberating the selection.  Went for a five point locking system (FPL) in the end.  Not that security is a big issue, but the ‘five pointers’ spread the load better, maintain a better weather seal and help to resist movement in the timber (hmmm ‘timber’, the term makes wood sound so dead and boring).

Five Point Lock

The hinges which I got from the same place are quite beefy things, to support the weight of the triple glazing and the usually wide diameter of the door.Door Hinge

These have some variety of smooth ball bearings (probably thrust bearings), which should be most pleasingly effective and reliable.  They are rated to 150kg per pair.  I am thinking of having three per door ;)

Being wider than most hinges (102mm instead of he usual 75mm -see the comparison photo) they will screw into the door in the centre, rather than the edge, which would put twisting stress on the door. Apart from that, like the five point locking system the hinges are also nice and shiny stainless steel, which should not rust, or require painting, like the horrible hinges in the top of the comparison pic.

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