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Adventures in Steampunk (clue 2)

I am sure a lot of you will know what this is…

steampunk bearing

It helps to form part of this…

steampunk rolling

Both end pieces offer a rotating bearing, but where do they come from? and what is the roller for?

Responses to Adventures in Steampunk (clue 2)

  1. Tom

    I just don’t know!

  2. Lenny

    Hmmm,…I’m stumped???

    An automatic toilet paper dispenser?

  3. Bongo

    Ha! that’s the best guess ever.. Might have to make that my next project.

  4. sheep

    The first one is a part of hard disk drive, an arm that holds the disk heads. The other one looks like it’s also made of parts of hard disk…

  5. Bongo

    Indeed! Hard disk drive parts are involved… Well done Sheep.

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