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Adventures in steampunk (clue 3)

Ok so the last bits were from an old hard disk drive.  This (below) is also a part of the contraption.

steampunk pully

The completer machine will involve a kind of evaporation in performing it’s primary function.  It will also consist of a total of 7 lengths of copper piping 1.5m long – one 22mm, two lengths of 15mm and 4 lengths of 8mm.

integral copper tubes

We will have to give it away soon.. Surely someone can guess the answer before then…

Responses to Adventures in steampunk (clue 3)

  1. Tom

    It’s a liftable drying rack!

  2. Bongo

    No way… it might be something like an atmospheric moisture dispersion unit though.

  3. Dave

    Stupidly i’ve just remebered a conversation we had over lemon pie about the very thing in question. So I’ll not spoil the suspense just yet.
    You’ll be regreting it when you need to plumb your new shower in (extravigant copper use that is)

  4. oak doors

    Steam punk air con?

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