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Emergency Breakfast-cake (savoury or sweet)

Bit of an off topic one here, but if your interested in cooking (or eating) I just knocked up a fun little instructable on how to cook “Emergancy Breakfast Cakes“. Have been refining them for years, so thought I would share. Yum Yum.

Click here for the Instructable

Responses to Emergency Breakfast-cake (savoury or sweet)

  1. Tom

    Awesome instructable Steve!

    Just read the cheese :D

  2. Serena

    Absolutely awesome! I have milk in my fridge, but I think I might just try this anyway tomorrow… if I can get out of bed on time! Bit ‘o’ baked beans on top should top it off nicely methinks :)

  3. Bongo

    Oh my goodness! Baked beans on top! not sure about that… Let us know what happens…

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