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An example of making boots from old jumpers

sweater boots

This Instructable seemed too cool to go un-tried, so try it I did , ish…Flowering Elbow is not exactly known for following the recipe.

My version of the ‘sweater boot’ did involve culling two jumpers, but fear not, I have plans for the remains. My 15 year old sports sweater complete with paint stains was first to go under the scissors – it took quite a bit of fiddling with to get it anywhere near the right kinda shape. I decided that was just too dull and got a charity shop purchase involved to make the cuffs.

Seems big buttons are pretty hard to come by/fairly expensive if you don’t have any lying around. So I went for some flowers that were hanging about in my newly re-discovered odds and ends box.

Thank you Bongo for getting me that glue gun, glue gun= fun!

Responses to DIY Boots

  1. Tom

    My god! What can Instructables not teach you!

  2. Sam

    I concur! Instructables rocks.

  3. Serena

    AMAZING! Uggs eat your heart out! Did you follow the part about using cheap (and I presumed also new) shoes though? Still cool, but I felt like that was cheating a bit!

  4. Sam

    Well, kind of – I had a pair of (cheap) second hand ebay shoes I used. Best would be shoes with ok soles but worn out uppers, but I tend to wear mine out in the opposite direction. Tip – use ones you know are comfortable (I speak from experience!).

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