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The Chalk Temperature Dilemma

Chalk temperature of my wood glue = Approx. 47°F or 8°C

The chalk temperature of wood glue, apparently refers to the temperature at which the surrounding air and materials can be at during application, to achieve a good bond.  The dilemma, refers to the tricky situation in which to build a door, to fill a gaping hole letting in the cold outside, one has to use the glue.  It is quite cold in the workshop… It will be so great to have a toasty warm triple glazed window in there.

It be cold outside the workshopSo in the meantime I have been making some clamps, ready for when I can do some glue-ups.  Some of the off-cut bits of oak make some reasonable aligning clamps – nothing that will exert a massive force, just something to keep four long timbers in a line while they are squeezed together with steel clamps.

homemade clamps

A simple arrangement with threaded rod and wing-nut does the job… And some parcel tape prevents stray glue from sticking them to the work-piece (important).

We don't want these babies being glued to our workpiece

Responses to The Chalk Temperature Dilemma

  1. Dave

    Forecast for the next 14 days does not include many periods above 6 degrees how are you going to cope? I can drop off a heater if required

  2. Bongo

    I have actually managed a few glue-ups in the last few days. I have taken the fridge thermometer down there – it has risen to a whopping 10 degrees of late. So lets see how it goes and persist without a heater for now…

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