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Window wood acheived!

After more than a year since originally having the idea to build a double French door in oak for our workshop, we have the wood! I went to the the sawmill to help prep some pieces and explore the exciting woodworking machinery.

One 4" bladed, three phase, compressed air and motor driven auto-feed  bandsaw

Using this bandsaw, or resaw, we rip the wood (cut it down its length), into roughly the correct cross sectional dimensions. The wood starts like this (top), and finishes  like this (bottom). The rough cut board is a particularly bad example though, the cracked section needs to be cut around and avoided.

oak contrast rough cut _ top planed

Here is the four sided planer.¬† This and the bandsaw both run off three phase electricity, which is provided for by a huge six cylinder engine generator. Quite some machines…

It is dark and late by the time I get it back home in the van and unload. I’m too excited to go to bed though so I order it into like pieces, label them to correspond to the CAD plans, and stack it neatly ready for working. It does take up most of the workbench (guess we’ll not be overly using that for a while).

oak wood ready

So yeah, work on the doors commences.¬† We will right up a ‘step-by-step’ of the process as we go.

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