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Super Silent Cyclonic Dust Extractor

So in true amateur styleee, here is a first video of the Dust Sniper. Hope you enjoy. The full instructable is can be seen here and plans and a build guide for the cyclone filtration units is on our project pages here.

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Responses to Dust Sniper Vid

  1. Olly Parry-Jones

    Wow! Putting that door on creates a HUGE reduction in noise!

    I hope the vacuums have plenty of room for air ventilation?

    Have you considered using rare earth magnets to hold the door in place? Might be things a little bit easier. :-)


  2. Bongo

    Hay Olly.
    Hehe, yeah, well two doors actually – box in box technology ;-)

    There was a bunch of comments about ventilation on the Instructable. Basic gist is: The motors are in no more danger of overheating by being enclosed as long as they are cooled by the fresh air they themselves suck in, and the air exit is not obstructed.

    In fact, this is how vacuum motors can be so ‘overspun’ and ‘undersized’, for what they are. They rely on the cool fresh air that they suck in, which is put through a filter and them blasted through the motor windings. Incidentally, that is why they make terrible motors if you try and repurpose them for anything other than air moving applications.

    Both vacuums have a heat sensitive switch, designed to cut power if the motor is overheating, so I am not too worried about that. One concern I had, was with the enclosure’s structural stability, with all the heating and cooling they are doing. But, I think composite materials like mdf and particle board are really quite stable and reliable in this respect – so far so good…

    Magnets could be a good idea, but the super low tech (and free) latches work fine really. If I had some going spare, then sure I would pimp my dust sniper!

  3. Lisa

    Cool info about dust extractor

  4. Mariano

    Hi, i’m from Argentina, and i’ve been watching your dust cyclone and a lot of other models, but can’t get them to properly work. My problem is that de fine dust from MDF gets trough de cyclone and end inside de vacuum.
    I’m using one just like the one you are using, tried to make the cone taller or shorter, and just didn’t work. There’s even a video of a guy that uses coke cups, so i guess it’s not a big science, but mine just doesn’t work…….F***k!
    I think i should try putting 2 toguether like you did, but if you know something else, please let me know.
    Love your site

  5. Bongo

    Hi Mariano.
    Thanks for the comment. The size and shape of the cone and upper body are actually quite important! Lots of designs like the coke bottle one that a lot of people have seen ‘might’ work, but it is more likely that the fine dust is getting through. The test results look impressive because they DO filter out 98% of the waste, just not the finest particles.
    Have you checked out the pages here ?

    A bit more info could help:
    What exact design/proportions are you using? Do you have a downwards sloping inlet? what size is your vacuum/dust extractor?

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