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The AEAPD (AKA clothes drier) wins Make Magazine and Ponoko Prize

Workshop building continues…. but in other, lighter news: Bongo, of Flowering Elbow struck lucky and won a years subscription to Make Magazine with the entry of some photos of the Ambient Energy Aqua Purge Device (AEAPD) in a competition jointly organised by Ponoko (3D printing and Lazer cutting dudes) and Make Magazine.

For those of you that don’t know, the AEAPD is a steampunk style clothes drier, made from re-claimed and upcycled materials. There is a full build guide, written in a steam-punktastic style, over on the ‘Make Your Own’ section of the website.

These magazines are a rare treasure over here in the UK, so it will be great to get hold of some, which will, no doubt, find their way into the ‘so new its not built yet’ FE Workshop’s little inspiration library.

Up-cycled do-da's made into clothes drying fixings



Indoor hanging clothes horse

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