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Dust Sniper Instructable is Live

After a long spell of inactivity on the Dust Sniper front, I finally got going on the write up again. The full ‘Dust Sniper (quiet extractor system)‘ is now live on instructables. It is sturdy, quiet and very deadly to dust ;)

If you find it useful please be sure to vote for it because it is in a little competition. You have to be signed in to instructables to vote – you are already a member of instructables right ??  (If somehow you are not, don’t worry it is free to register). Update: We won a $50 voucher, a t-shirt and a bunch of other little bits in this competition so thanks to everyone who voted!

Responses to Dust Sniper Instructable is Live

  1. Jason

    Oh that looks good. Just the solution I have been searching for with my workshop. I have finished a few wood projects now and the dust is just nasty – my shop vac demands constant attention. This should sort things out perfectly. Thanks!
    Time to start saving up some scrap materials…

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