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The Flowering Elbow lab/shop is starting to take shape as a slightly less barn-like entity. Here’s a little annotated photo round up of some of our recent goings on.


Re-claimed sliding doors going in. Turned out there were quite a few bits missing or rotten. But after some jiggling about, and impromptu carpentry we are getting some glass in there.





A friend had a load of MDF he wanted rid of, which seemed like it would work for cladding the inside of the two external walls. Some of the edges needed repair, as they had split in places. Some wood glue and clamps save the day.



Measuring up. At 22mm thick these panels were quite heavy, which made things fun. We used the new makita circular saw and guide rails with them, and it worked a treat on this sheet material.


We don't want water from the front of the shed coming in, so we begin The Great Drainage Excavation. This will also form part of a soak-away for a little sink.


The reclaimed doors are in and working and being treated to Alex's famous 'Healthy for Life' make over.



To stop the floor concrete dusting, and absorbing stains and spills, we are giving it some super abrasive resistant Epoxy. First though, the power floated surface needs priming with special epoxy adhesion primer.


The mdf cladding is screwed up ready. Many of the boards have been sealed already, the others will be soon... We want as little formaldehyde gas in our lungs as possible.


The rafters are already providing a unique nesting area.


Channel is almost there. Time for some scrounged up drainage pipe.



Drainage stone is used to fill in most of the trench - French Drain style. The very top layer is MOT to match the front and to bring it level with the slab for vehicular access.






Straw bales ho!!!


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  1. Serene

    Loving the MDF panelling :) Looks wicked already! Keep at it, tallyhooo!

  2. tom

    Great to see the progress! Exciting :D

    tom x

  3. Luis

    I want to congratulate you for your wonderful work and show details. Greetings!

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