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Outside FE

Laying a Concrete Floor for the workshop

A few major stages in the FE workshop have been made since the last post. The insulated roof is now on! The old firewood, twigs, building rubble and other organic rotting matter have been dug or carried out, and floor roughly shovelled level.
Somewhat more excitingly after a non-stop day and night mission (with a few weeks of¬†preparation), we¬†now have a concrete floor for the new workshop! A full write up on the specifications, technicalities and considerations of laying the insulated floor to follow, but for now Dave has put together a nice little time-lapse of the ‘main event’ for us…


And here is another little vid of Dave using the power float to do part of the final ‘float finish’ in the early hours of the morning.



A big thank you to everyone who helped and livened up the whole event! Now the floor is all covered up and curing, and it is time to catch up on some sleep :D

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