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Comprehensive clay plastering guide now online!

Winter is here and we finished the plastering of the workshop straw-bale walls before it arrived. It may have taken a little longer than anticipated, but objective achieved :) !

Our big sliding door and the finished strawbale wall with truth window

To put the final nail in that side of things, we’ve written up the whole process, our research and experiences as a ‘make your own’ step-by-step: the Earth and Clay Plastering Guide.  Do  check it out, we hope it will be a valuable resource for those wanting to do similar things.

Here are a few shots of the final results:

Re- claimed side door and window all cleaned up and set in the 3 coats of plaster.

A view down the side of the semi-exterior finished wall

Final finish on the interior, polished and glazed. Also, this was the final indoor light switch -this time we went for reclaimed slate roof tile, to tie in with the natural theme of the wall.

First of four coats of limewash being applied to the outside curvy corner

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