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Interview with Maker Alex Mangold

I asked one of a kind maker and Flowering Elbow member, the esteemed Dr Alex Mangold, for an interview.

alex in van

Alex has beenĀ helping us put together the workshop from the early days and has been working on his own project with us for some time.

Brief Bio

Origin of species: Germany, also adapted to life in Glasgow and Aberystwyth

Life Outside Flowering Elbow: Dr Mangold works for Aberystwyth University’s European Language Department and does writing and research into performance, theatre and some large theory type stuff.

Natural Habitat: Somewhere with lots of musical instruments, bananas and yummy vegetarian, lactose free food.

Have a listen to him looking back on some of the highs and lows (it’s about 20mins long). If you’re into making anything at all, we’re pretty sure you’ll appreciate where this is coming from :)

Taking the time to reflect on and share experiences of making and upcycling is an essential part of the FE mission to inspire more inventing and experimenting. Thanks Alex for chatting with me, see you at the workshop next time!

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