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Flowering Elbow – budding community

Last month we held our first open workshop event and signed up our first members – very exciting!


The name Flowering Elbow, when it came to us, partly appealed because

we liked the idea of a blossoming, growing body of makers that would support each other and so, to see the first signs of growth in our little plant was a very happy occasion. It was quite a big step us for us, to declare the workshop just about operational, and to try it and see how the space could work with multiple projects and different groups of people. The event also prompted us to have first go at testing how the  open days and membership system we have been thinking through could work.

As we were showing people round it also gave us a moment to reflect on how much work, time and effort (and fun of course) has gone into building, equipping and stocking the workshop so far (we still have much to do;)). We now take for granted all its functions, so to see new-comers excited and intrigued by various features and tools was really pleasing.

Disc box-making fun and games!

It was great to get everyone in on making some floppy-disk boxes before people branched out into exploring the grounds and art gallery, experimenting with more tools and materials or carrying on with projects like the grand van upcycle!

Wheel bearing extraction

Alex and the stubborn van wheel-bearing, got there in the end!

We retrieved old skate board wheels and trucks and Alex upcycled it to make a mechanics under-body slider :)


Upcycled Lathe
Regina trying out the upcycled wood lathe

Now we’re looking forward to doing it all over again – the next open workshop day will be 25th January 2014: bring stuff to make, repair or re-use, ideas, or just yourselves and come join the party:) Look out for updates on the Facebook page and do get in touch if you want to know more.

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