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The Chainsaw Mill and Upcycled Floppy Disk Storage tool box

Time for a few updates. Lets start with the chainsaw mill build documentation, which we published as an instructable step-by-step guide. It is quite a comprehensive resource and has plenty of tips and tricks for using and maintaining the mill, as well as the build info. It’s not super ‘flowering elbow’ in style, as it isn’t built mostly from waste materials (though some bits and bobs on it are), but it does mean we have been able to harvest some of the wood here on site, that would have otherwise been firewood… Another bonus is that it won us some prize goodies in a contest Instructables were running – looks like we will be getting a wood burning kit, some bench dogs, wood glue, a Japanese saw, and some other bits n bobs.

Chainsaw Mill

It was also fantastic to receive so much positive feedback in the comments from the instructables ‘community’.

Another of our creations that had cool feedback after it was featured by the Instructables editors some time ago,  was the Upcycled Component Organiser. It’s basically a toolbox made from reclaimed materials, that can be used to sort and store – we use it for electronics components, but really it could be almost anything.

Disk box storage

The storage box folds together, so it can be easily transported. It also has keyhole style mounts on the back to hangs it on the workshop wall.  Each little draw handle is made from a corresponding electronic component, so you can see at a glance what each draw will contain.

Disk Draw handle


open & closed on wall

What’s cool about sharing projects like this is seeing what different people take away from them. One person simply used it to make a singular disk storage box, which is kinda cool in itself:

disk box

Another person commented: “You know your a mega nerd when you see this and think would this work for my Warhammer 40K army as a travel case! This is awesome!”(Crispypyro).

And one commenter even recognized it from when we had it with us at the Mini Maker Fair in Mac last year :)

So yeah, two very different projects, but full instructions for both the chainsaw mill and disk box are on instructables if you’re interested.

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