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We are setting up a magical, inspirational workshop, based at the Golden Hill Centre, Mid-Wales. It will be full of as many tools, work areas and rescued materials as we can get our hands on, and we invite you to come and join us.

We can help develop your ideas and get your designs off the drawing board – ask us about making prototypes and testing.

Perfect for meeting other makers, away days and weekend get-aways with a creative, green slant. At the Flowering Elbow lair we will have the time, space and expertise you need to get creative, inventive and have fun making!

In the future we will also be running courses aimed at younger people, which will be designed specifically to link up learning about environmental issues with hands on skills and creative making.

We will also be offering Flowering Elbow membership, for regular support and access to the workshop facilities and to get people together sharing experiences and projects.