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Ambient Energy Aqua Purge Device Journal

You will find herein my journal and notes pertaining to the creation of the Ambient Energy Aqua Purge Device (AEAPD), which varies only slightly in character from many other ‘zero power’ devices of a similar purpose.  It may, none the less, be helpful in our continued battle against the insidious
tumbling machine and its repulsive appetite for power, which has hitherto been unstoppable…

Like many of you, o so beloved readers, I adore machines which stand apart from those which mass consumption and production has turned to a bland sameness.  A sameness in which we participate as outsiders – strangers fidgeting with attention starved of inquisitorial heart, void of our rightful questioning or questing. For technology, we are told, is seemingly incomprehensible and nightmarishly dangerous, and can only be manipulated, created or ‘disposed of’ by the ‘professional expert’ .  Like many of you, I hold that the workings of stuff, the machines we surround ourselves with, and upon which we daily rely, should never be unquestionably out of bounds.  Thus, I hope you find use in these pages. I hope you are inspired to invent your own aqua purge device, however dissimilar or alike.

Ever yours, BongoDrummer
17th January 2010

Responses to Entry 9 – Corner Pulley

  1. Delphica

    Hi.. love it, and have one myself, but not nearly as beautiful! Or as retractable, a charming feature.

    I was wondering though, won’t the copper cause marks on clothes once it has oxidized a bit?

  2. Bongo

    My dear comrade, thank you for your comment. If you look at ‘the purging rails’ (entry 4), you will see that the rails (the parts that the clothes actually rest on) are lacquered to prevent the copper marking the clothes.

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