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Entry 10 – Fitting The AEAPD Hardware

In fitting the hardware, it was important to select locations in relation not only to the purge assembly dimensions, but also those of the user.  The cleat should be fixed at optimal height for efficient use, the whole apparatus should be in a suitable location where it will not become a hazard.  Before fitting the hardware one also considers the situation in regards to ventilation. Here the office door is always left open, and benefits from the adjacent bathroom’s heat extracting ventilation system.  It also has a track record or drying laundry – never before has it been afflicted by condensation – a good omen.

It was with these considerations in mind that we sited the AEAPD.  After an examination of the ceiling joists from the loft space above, we were blessed with joists running exactly where they were required for optimal positioning.

This was not the case for the cleat, which was to be mounted on the wall.  Luckily though, the wall in question formed the wooden framed shell of a cupboard, and from the inside of the cupboard it was possible to insert a new wooden brace, supported by adjacent studs.  Because we had ‘easy’ access to the other side of this wall, it was possible to fix the cleat with screws from the inside, thus leaving the cleat with smooth clear lines and no visible fixings.  This was not practical with the other hardware.

For those bits of hardware that will be mounter upside-down, it is a good idea to use opposingly angled screws of sufficient length. This helps prevent them from being torn out of the joist.

While I went up in the loft and called down measurements my assistant makes a neat and accurate field sketch of where the joists are located.

The cleat is attached from the other side by carefully sized screws. It serves its role well, fasten the elevating rope securely.

The corner pulley has a very long bolt (on the far left), as well as the fastening screw,   it is used to secure the corner pulley, going deep into the stud behind.  The pipe looks pleasingly like it comes out of the wall.

The corner pulley in operational capacity. Fear not my friends, this crack has been here some time…

Here we test the hardware with a partial mock up of the purging assembly – the lacquer has yet to dry fully – but we can get a good idea of how things stand.

The middle bi-pulley and corner pulley work well.

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