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Entry 11 – The Purge Assembly Anchors

It may be possible that this is surplus to the basic design of an AEAPD, but I had in mind to make some copper binding points, to which the rope attaches.  Of course, the rope could be knotted securely to either the end supports or the central purging rail.  The benefit however, of the purging assembly anchors, is that they add a degree of lateral stability to the assembly.

Copper pipe is used to create a firm attachment to the central purging rail and bring the pivot point somewhat further out (higher up) from the rest of the purging assembly.

The central purge rail is 22mm, so we use a scrap of 22mm pipe to create point about which we can coil some 8mm pipe.

Another bend gives us an anchor such as this.

A small section of thread, chopped off from a bolt makes a central joiner. This is then crushed with pliers, bound with copper wire, and soldered to make an attractive joint.

For the other, I tried another way of attaching – a simple fold which is then soldered.

A cardboard box makes a little puppet show style spray lacquering booth.

Sanded down and polished, the anchors are now given a few coats of lacquer.

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