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Entry 2 – Acquiring Necessary Items for Design and Construction

In my garage I found the following items that could be employed in design and construction of the AEAPD:

* Several lengths of copper piping (left over form some re-plumbing I have done on the house, and in tatty condition);

* One beautifully shaped piece of driftwood. Species unknown, possibly Quercus robur or Tectona grandis, or some similarly durable, close grained hardwood (this was found walking on the beach one day and inexplicably my took my fancy);

* One ancient (approx 30 year old) Eucalyptus macula fencepost, salvaged from the soil at my parents farm;

* A coil of small diameter rope (recovered from one Autumn windsurfing excursion);

* A few parts from an irreparably damaged hard disk drive;

* Some clear paint lacquer (left over from a car bodywork repair).

* A few other small workshop scraps.

One attractive piece of drift wood.

Some scraps of old copper piping.

One old eucalyptus fence post.

Acquiring Necessary Items for Design and Construction

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