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Entry 5 – The Elevating Mechanism (overview)

The following enclosed diagram details the various hardware elements (A-D) of the AEAPD.


  1. In this case the fastening cleat (D) should be sited at appropriate level for the average humanoid, but this can be adjusted for personal preference.
  2. A simpler system could be considered, in which the ‘corner pulley’ (C) is not included. This would likely work, but at a high cost to device’s sum elegance.
  3. It is necessary to cite all four anchoring points (the three pulleys and cleat) to stable fixing.  This means locating the ceiling joists and wall studs if the dwelling is of timber frame construction.
  4. Should any joists or studs not be located in the most desirable locations, appropriate remedial action must be taken (see journal entry #9 ‘Fitting the AEAPD hardware), or sacrifices in the assembly’s functional and aesthetic value must made.

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