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Step 20 – Installing the Oak Frames

Now things are coming to a head.  To begin with we have to remove the cruddy old garage door which is a fantastic feeling.  This does, however, mean that really we want to get the new oak baby in, glazed and at least semi-secure by nightfall.  So an early morning start is in order.

Below: The frame is in, level, and it even fits quite well… A very pleasing moment.

Frame is in and level

A quick check of the sides – all plumb.

checking the sides are plumb

Now to drill the holes for the frame fixing bolts.  This was a three step operation and with several drills chucked up Dave and I work in rapidfire relay style. First, we drill a shallow 13mm diameter hole in the wood – 13mm is a shade bigger than the head of the frame anchor bolt, so it will be able to go below the level of the wood and then receive a camouflaging wooden plug. Second, we drill the rest of the way through the frame with an 8mm wood drill bit.  Lastly, we get the SDS hammer drill going to get into the brick.  The brick is very tough (probably engineering brick), but SDS power makes short work of it.

Drilling holes for frame anchors

We have a total of 12 anchor point on the frame – three around each hinge, should do the job.

Frame fixing bolts used

With the frame secured, it is time to put the doors in and get all those hinge screws in.  Looks good so far…

Oak frames are lovely

They open and close in an extremely pleasing manner – the way only a very heavy wide door, with good quality ball-bearing hinges do.  There is a slight bit of rubbing when fully closed that needs sorting, so we have a bit of ‘door-on-and-off’ fun again…

From the outside they blend in well with the rest of the house – nice!

Looks OK outside

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Responses to 20 – Installing the Oak Frames

  1. Olly Parry-Jones

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the link to your site. Really enjoyed following the French doors project and it’s even given me some ideas on what to replace ours with (albeit much less chunky!!).

    How easy was it to remove the garage door? This is something I dread doing, if ever I’m able to replace my workshop door, with all the tension involved… :?


  2. Bongo

    Hay Olly, thanks.

    The garage door was actually surprisingly easy to get off… If I remember rightly when the door was closed the springs were not under much tension and we just loosened them off, with the adjusting bolts, before unhooking/unbolting them.
    Another person to help carry and steady while you undo bolts is definitely useful.

    So yeah, I would recommend it – natural light in the workshop on cold days makes a big difference. Of course, you have too be a bit paranoid about banging into then with long bits of wood, or accidental tools flying across the room ;) Am just thinking about various ideas for protective blinds at the mo, which I could use when doing slightly more ‘vigorous’ tasks.

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