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Step 17 – Test Hanging the Doors

Although the glass has arrived at this point, I don’t want to put it in the doors just yet.  I don’t want to hang the full weight of the triple glazed doors on the unsupported frame. I also think it would be more difficult to mount the doors with the added weight of the glass.  So to proceed, with the main frame clamped to the workbench on one side and some shelves on the other, I rigged up the doors in position, and screwed in the hinges.

hinge test

I supported the doors with blocks and shims at both ends to get them to the right height. The most difficult part was getting enough space to do this as the doors have to be right open to get at the hinge screws.  Again all screws need pilot holes, so this all takes some time.  For now I drill all four holes but only drive two screws home, and leave the other holes for later when we do some more permanent fitting.

hinges and sill clamp on

And the result:  an almost perfect fit one side…

passive door in frame fit

And some planing to be done here.

door in frame test fit

What follows is a load of on-off, hang the doors, take them off plane a bit more again… and frustratingly again, type action. Until finally both doors are pretty good.
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