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Earth or Clay Plastering Guide

Bringing together our research and experiences of clay plastering (or ‘earthen plastering’) we have gathered together a fairly comprehensive set of resources that should be useful for anyone into diy renovation, using clay plaster, building with straw, or interested in environmentally sound natural building materials.

To make it easier to read through, we have broken this information down into a sort of illustrated step-by-step of what we did when plastering our workshop’s straw bale walls. Navigate through it using the links to the right, or alternatively, you can also download a 35 page printer friendly pdf document of the guide, by right clicking here, and selecting save as…

We would encourage you, the reader, to post comments (using the comment box at the bottom of most pages) of your experiences, using clay plaster techniques and materials – doing so boosts the usefulness of this resource for everyone :)


Responses to Earth and Clay Plaster

  1. Dolores

    Some day would love to build a straw bale home..

  2. iver Salvesen

    we are building a straw house currently. please fee free to follow progress on “stow straw ecobuild” which is a facebook page

  3. Maggie

    On my to-do-list … hope to see some good advice here!

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