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Step 5 –Mod the baseplate

The baseplate, as it turns out, is EXTREMELY hard, and we need to change it a touch so that the blade fits snugly in there.  A small groove for the blade to slide in will also help keep it centred correctly. 

Don’t do what I did and hit it hard with the centre punch, as it might break (DOH!).  It is not of equal thickness underneath, so even when you lay it out on a flat surface, as I did, it is not supported in some mid-sections.  Luckily when I did this the break was not so serious and doesn’t hinder performance any.

I ended up borrowing my friends Dremel and spending a time grinding at it with a small milling bit. I recommend this method over drilling small holes – the drill bit skids all over the place.

Blade now has a cosy home.

All set for up and down saw action!
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