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Step 1 –Remove Surplus Parts

This bit is quite fun. Strip down pretty much everything.  Keep all the bits, you will no doubt want to use some of them in other projects, and some you might want to put back on.As you do this consider how you are going to arrange the saw blade in relation to the underside. You can do this by releasing the plunger (see pics) and pushing it down so you can see where the blade, if extending straight out from the plunger, would rest.

Here I am releasing the screw that connects the main plunger to the crankshaft that drives it

We will not need the feed dog or bobbin housing bits – all can go.
The bobbin carrier (I think). This can go too.
Cleared of excess gubbins, we can see where the saw blade will go by extending the main plunger down. We can also see how much excess lint has built up!
One of the problems is that the plunger is supported by a mechanism that is designed to move side to side, so it can do diagonal stitches. We just want up and down.
The thread feeding mechanism can go. Taking away all these little bits will unburden the motor somewhat, which is nice of us.
A good horde of useful bits ‘n bobs taken out of the sewing machine.
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