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13 – The viewing window

It was quite some time before I cam across some scrap perspex – despite keeping my eyes open and a number of visits to our council skip/recycle centre. Eventually I hit the jackpot when I found some scrapped 15mm thick translucent perspex. It came out of some offices and as far as I could tell must have been part of a table or something. Anyway with a bit of polishing up it would be clear and do the job perfectly.

Whether you can see inside or not it is important to cover up the belt drive and other moving parts. They pose an extreme hazard if left unguarded during everyday use.

This is it after cutting to size with a circular saw. One side has a frosted texture, which can be polished out later.
I can see inside nicely, top piece still needs more polishing though.
Now it is taking shape we can attach all sorts of useful things to the drive of a lathe. I happened across this large metal cutting disk which I have mounted to the shaft.
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