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Entry 1 – Beginnings

The small room which has for some time been known as ‘the office’, is again, and much to my displeasure, cluttered with drying clothes. Even I am pulled to consider the merit of the dreaded tumbling machine: so convenient. Items of clothing, simply placed in, soon after washing, can be warm and dry to the touch, and even hot, not more than a sixty minute period later. Of course, the cost to human, tree and beast for this convenience is plainly demonstrated in the conviction of many of our greatest scientists. I will not, therefore, dwell upon the evidence for anthropocentric climate change here. Enough to say that accompanying the ungodly noise of the tumbling machine, is an equally sinister system of elaborate but disruptive resource extraction and a most alarming proliferation of pollutants.

Pushing that from my mind then, I will dedicate myself to a drying solution in which items of clothing can be gracefully liberated of water. A form of elevation, free from floor supports should allow better use of space. It may also draw on the ambient energy of the elements, and in particular the heat offered by a sheltered dwelling, to aid in the effortless evaporation of moisture from clothing. It is this idea I shall now pursue with great zeal.

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