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8 –Further Considerations

Dust!  Dust is the eternal enemy of wood sawing… This project is no different.  So yeah, my conversion is not yet complete, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to rig up some form of vacuum hose attachment.  Scrolling, unlike say circular sawing, is not so bad at making large volumes of dust, but it can still be plenty enough to risk your health. So far I have been doing it in the garage, by the door with it fully open – which is practically outside.   This is sub-optimal/zero in the middle of winter..
Update:  Super silent dust extraction has been achieved – check out the dust sniper pages for more


Other points of consideration: the blades I used will likely dull quickly when used in this way. Such blades are made for a coping saw (a hand saw).  Some bi-metal job, would be preferable as it would be less prone to damage by overheating. Saying that, I have not changed the blade yet, and it doesn’t seem too bad.

Anyway, let me know if you give this a go and how you get on.


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