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10 – Attaching the headstock to the bed

You will need to find a way of attaching the headstock firmly to the lathe bed – and in such a way that the drive shaft lines up as close to perfectly parallel as possible (luckily as this is not going to be a metal lathe this is not quite so crucial – still very important though). Two cross bracing pieces (one made of the white metal, the other a doubled up alu sheet) will bolt onto the bed’s rails. Fairly straightforward: drill the holes, and bolt up (I tapped a thread in the bed’s rails, but a bolt through with a nut would probably have been ok too). I needed to make a hole in the front panel for the bed angles to fit through, I did this with small angle grinder and some filing.

After marking out the sizes, I used some careful angle grinding to ‘colour in’ the boxes. As always make sure it is firmly clamped and you defend yourself!

Sparks fly

Slots in the front panel after the angle grinding fun and a touch of filing.
It takes a while but after more hand filing it is about ready for fitting.
We make it nice and square with a hand file
Test of the front panel going onto the lathe bed. A few tests and a little more filing eventually make it a snug fit. Gentle persuasion with mallet…
It is a tight fit
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