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9 –Mounting the motor & the other centre support

I found that I could bolt the part of the motor housing that previously held the electrical connector directly to the back panel. This didn’t look quite strong enough, so I also used one of the ‘proper’ motor mounts, bolted to some aluminium channelling, which in turn bolted to the back panel.

Using a tailors tape measure or a piece of string the belt length can be calculated. For this application a poly-v belt is best. This is because only the relatively flat poly-v belts can handle the sharp radius of the small motor drive shaft. Standard v-belts would need bigger pulleys. The chances of scavenging a correctly sized belt seemed minimal so I ordered mine over the phone, it was £8.

Apparently the belt tension is about right when you can just twist the belt by 90degrees but not much further without using force. Super subjective I know, so it is a good idea to design some adjustment into the motor mount.

Tapped holes now in operation and firmly fixing front and back panels to the alu centre panel.  Here I am considering how the motor will mount.

Testing out motor-belt arrangment


I am measuring how long the drive belt will need to be, and checking clearance of a cardboard centre panel mock up (which I will later cut from more scrap steel).
Cardboard is used for sizing
Using the cardboard template I cut the other center support. This section needs to be removed to make room for the drive belt. The metal is thick and is tough work even for the jigsaw and a good metal blade.. Slow and steady…
Removing a section of the support to make room
Weeeho, the belt I ordered has arrived – and fits nice. The second centre support is bolted in and things are looking good :)
the poly v belt is the right size
Here you can just about see one of the motor mounts – made with a scrap from the steel sheet. Now when the motor goes round so does the lathe’s main drive shaft :D
Motor mount is made from steel
I wanted to beef up the motor mount a bit with this extra support.
The second motor mount is aluminium angle
This unused bit of motor mount stuck out quite a bit so it had to go.. I love chopping aluminum, it is so soft.
Hacksaw is used to trim off the unused mount
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