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From Sewing Machine to Scroll Saw

Let’s transform an old malfunctioning sewing machine into a scroll saw so we can make some wooden decorations (and a load of other cool jazz). If, like me, you had an old sewing machine (I tend to collect these things when they are getting thrown out by people) knocking about, then you could try a conversion like this.

In the face of it, converting a sewing machine shouldn’t be all that difficult – hence the idea. You have a needle that goes up and down at a speed fast enough to drive the saw blade, a work area with a section underneath to keep tension on the blade… What could be simpler? All you need are some basic hand tools, some epoxy, and an old unloved sewing machine.


Go to the First Scroll Saw Conversion Step

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Responses to From Sewing Machine to Scroll Saw

  1. Aiden McHaffie

    Hi, the how to goes from sewing machine to souping up a drill. I’m not sure if you have been told
    Love the site and I will be having a crack at the lathe, when the shop is finished.


  2. Bongo

    Hay Aiden,
    Thanks for the heads up – now fixed. Leave us some pics when you make the lathe :)

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